Hydro Clean

One of the issues that we are taking care now more than ever is keeping our space clean. Making sure not only bacteria or viruses are destroyed, but also dirt and stains that can have adverse effects on our health as well. For such problems #IdeaHelps would like to present a company that will take care of your carpet, tile and more!

Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning is located in Colorado Springs, it was established in 2005 and is family owned. They have become Colorado Springs best carpet cleaning company.

Hydro Clean has grown to include a client list in the thousands. They have several truck mounted carpet cleaning systems with the power to clean the most challenging soiled carpet, area rugs, upholstery and ceramic tile and grout.

The Hydro Clean carpet cleaning technicians clean both residential and commercial properties. Many popular restaurants, hotels, businesses and churches use Hydro Clean for their carpet, tile and upholstery care.

Find their website: hydrocleaninc.com

Call them: (719) 594-9376

Follow them on Instagram: @hydrocleancos

Like them on Facebook: @HydroCleanCOS

Maestro Filmworks

We at Idea Financial are still at awe from the quality of work that @maestrofilmworks puts out.

#VideoProduction ?

#CreativeDevelopment ?

#Photography ?

Call Maestro Filmworks: (267) 908 – 4336

Find them: maestrofilmworks.com

Follow them: @maestrofilmworks


As our country keeps safe, franchises have also been affected and are still delivering and making sure clients a taken care of.

Such is the case at Huntington Beach, Cali. Where a Dennys, or how we know them: B&K Restaurant is open and delivering meals to the surrounding community.

If you are at Huntington Beach, you can give them a call and order at: (714) 842-2112.

Delivery Fees are waived and contactless delivery available.

Madison Taylor Marketing

To face today’s challenges each business must learn to strategize, reinvent and align their marketing efforts to the needs of their customers. At Idea Helps we would like to present a company that can help you navigate and capitalize on opportunities you may not have previously considered.

Madison Taylor Marketing is a straightforward agency in every way. They operate with full transparency, earn trust through partnership, and produce results. That’s it.

Madison Taylor Marketing offers solutions in the areas of marketing & advertising, web development, consulting and strategy.

Madison Taylor Marketing was founded in 2008 by Chief Marketing Aficionado and Colorado native, Aimee Meester, with the intent of helping businesses of any size accomplish their goals through exceptional marketing.

Marketing, they knew it, was going through a transition. They were early adopters of the inbound methodology, which turned traditional, obtrusive marketing on its head. Armed with expertise, passion, and a touch of recklessness, they began evangelizing one business after another.

The results were profound. With increases across every metric and boosts across bottom lines, they knew they were onto something.

Learn more of what Madison Taylor Marketing can do for your business by visiting their site: madisontaylormarketing.com

Call them: (303) 500 – 3265

Follow them on Instagram: @madisontaylormarketing

Scratch Off Systems

At Idea Financial we love businesses that make it easy to share, specially during these times. If your business is trying to find ways to promote products or services, Scratch Off Systems may be what you are looking for.

Spring, Easter and Mother’s Day Promotions. Scratch and win cards are one of the safest and most productive methods to market in 2020. Whether you’re looking for a direct mail campaign, point of sale promotion or package inserts, scratch and win cards will work for you. Inexpensive, easy to order and fast delivery.

Learn more about their products at: scratchoff.com

Contact them: (216) 649-7800

See their instagram:

Beauty Brows

Being at the epicenter of it all in the United States is not easy; it comes with both challenges and opportunities. Beauty Brows, is holding still for now as New York progresses to come out of these difficult times.

Having said we at Idea Helps believe in the great opportunity that will present itself to Beauty Brows and other salons in the city once these times pass.

With exceptional and fast pace work ethic, Beauty Brows will do what it does best: making us all look better on the way out, then how we came in.

Make sure to have their number down if you are down and Queens are ready to look your best when we receive the opportunity of giving it our best: (718) 126-1240

There address: 22-42 31st St, Astoria, NY, 11105

Myxed Up Creations

As every aspect of our life recently has become a new experience and process to learn from, many of the reactions that have come from the general populations have been of worry and stress. Myxed Up is offering herbal remedies, cbd products, incense and other products to help with stress and anxiety. You will find them in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, all in the state of Colorado.

#IdeaHelps works with businesses that move the needle forward into the future.

For more information on the wide variety of products that MixedUp offers go to their website: myxedup.com

Call them at: (303) 990-9933

or follow their accounts on instagram: 

Rosenberg Plastic Surgery

As states, hospitals and medical offices have shut down elective surgery, many have had theirs rescheduled to a further date. Once we leave this chapter behind us, we can then look forward to addressing those things that were not supposed to be part from our lives such as peripheral nerve problems, breast reconstruction, migraine problems, tattoo removal, or treatment of scars.

The office of Rosenberg Plastic Surgery can help alleviate and help take the next step to a better life. It may be through surgery, treatments and even products to revitalize your life to what you want it to be.

For more information you can contact Dr. Rosenberg’s office in Beverly Hills at: (305) 295–7925.

Also visit their site: rosenbergplastics.com

Or follow them on Instagram at: @rosenberg_plastics

Home Care Assistance

We sometimes must make difficult choices. One choice that is abundantly clear is to have our loved ones cared for. Even if we must respond to emergencies or maybe because they live far away.

If you are located in West Virginia, you can take care of your loved ones 24/7, for certain hours or as you need, with the help of Home Care Assistance.

At Home Care, they know what are the current procedures to take care of your loved ones safely. They may do so with the authorization of your doctor, if you prefer.

Learn more about their services, how they are confronting the pandemic and making sure that the people you care about most are safe.

Visit their website : https://www.homecareassistancehuntingtonwv.com/

Their number: (304) 244-2060

Tili Logistics

We continue to share stories from the backbone of the American economy. This time we share a business that makes us feel bubbly, and even though their teas and juices can refresh any situation, they are warming our hearts right now.From point a to point b. Sometimes it is as easy as that; making sure their client’s goods, equipment and event logistics get to where they need it and when they are need it.

Exceptional service is what defines companies like Tili Logistics. For 30 years this family owned business has worked having a respectful, professional, friendly and supportive service all through out its tenure.We continue to share stories from the backbone of the American economy. This time we share a business that makes us feel bubbly, and even though their teas and juices can refresh any situation, they are warming our hearts right now.

Just like the rest of the transportation industry, Tili Logistics has been affected by the downturn of coronavirus. Nevertheless, they are working through it and charging forward to their next delivery.

We invite you to contact them next time you need to move things from point a to boint b, safely and on time.

To contact them please call: (619) 671-0015 or visit them here.