Simple and Transparent Pricing

Our Pledge to You

You choose the amount you need to draw on line of credit products, up to $250,000 in terms of 12 or 18 months. Interest and fees apply only to the funds you use.  Our straightforward approach is designed to help your business succeed.

Low fees give you forward momentum.

No origination fee


Draw fees

Pricing features that give you agility and control.

Repay early
without penalties

When you receive a line of credit from Idea Financial, you have the flexibility to repay the outstanding balance in total at any time without penalty.  With us, paying early saves you a bundle.

Draw as needed
and only repay drawn funds

Rest assured that with Idea Financial you can draw multiple times per day as needed, only repaying the amount you draw. We provide responsive solutions that put you in charge.


For your convenience, payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account. Without the worry of scheduling timely payments, you’re free to focus on realizing your business ideas.

Allow us to help with your business financing.

Let’s get started on giving your business ideas the wings they need to become a reality.

1 A draw fee may be charged when you withdraw funds from your line of credit and is applied each time you make a draw.  For example, if you draw $5,000 and your draw fee is 1.5%, you would pay a $75 draw fee for that amount.