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At Idea Financial we hold true to our values and to our belief that there is a symbiotic relationship built on trust and calculated risk. There is a business that believes it will receive the funds it needs to grow, and a lender that has reviewed its business model and believes it can. Below are some stories of such bond.

Snap Pak USA

25 pack of 28oz. container from Snap Pak
“The easiest and most simple process for a line of credit I’ve ever done. Everything about it was very straight forward with no hidden fees. As a business owner it is important to work with a fast and innovative company, just like mine! We used our line of credit to get ahead of the game and brought some amazing new talent to the team which gave us a clear advantage to secure our spot as one of the leaders in packaging technology.”

Edward Knutson, CEO

Snap Pak is the perfect food storage container for your life! Microwave safe! Freezer safe! Dishwasher safe! Airtight lids! Reusable and recyclable. Snap Pak recyclable food storage containers keep your food fresher with an airtight seal and are specifically designed for microwaving and freezing. They are also dishwasher safe. Made in North America, their perfectly fitting lids are designed for easy open-close, can store wet or dry foods and are easily stackable for your convenience. Feel the Snap!


Safe-Way Moving, Inc.

Moving trucks aligned left to right with Safe Way logo
“Smooth transition, no hiccups, overall straight forward and easy process. Would definitely recommend Idea Financial for companies that are trying to scale their operations in a responsible and sustainable way. The line of credit helped Safe-Way to acquire the best and safest equipment in the art of moving.”

Mike Marquez, CEO

Safe-Way has the best equipment among all the Orange County movers: six state of the art, custom-built, 28-foot Peterbilt moving trucks. Safe-Way is a proud service provider for Stevens Worldwide Van Lines and can handle any move within 48 states. Safeway also offers 13,000 square feet of climate-controlled warehouse storage space.


H & H Medical Transit, Inc.

H&H van with side door open, displaying electronic wheelchair lift.
“Working with Idea Financial has been a great experience from the start of the loan process until closing. Owning a small business is challenging at times, Idea Financial helped us update our equipment and technology to become more competitive in an ever-changing industry.”

Herschel Hatton, CEO

H & H Medical Transit, Inc. has been in business for over 20 years in the non-emergency medical transportation industry. They have dedicated themselves to providing safe and reliable transportation to all our customers. All their vehicles meet ADA standards. All professional drivers are friendly and courteous. Ready to assist with any needs their passengers might have.

Call: (859) 749-2974

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