5 Smart & Simple Ways to Boost Summer Sales

July 21, 2019

5 Smart & Simple Ways to Boost Summer Sales
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Summertime is in full-swing! 

Take advantage of the spirit of the season with 5 fun, and creative ways to entice summertime spending.

1.    Create an event, host a summertime ‘open-house’ and invite customers to check out your latest and greatest seasonal merchandise. Implement festive seasonal displays & create some give away items to generate excitement and gain attendees.

2.    Take advantage for the warmer weather and host daily side walk sales.  Utilize your Social Media platforms & e-mail marketing databases to help spread the word.

3.    Holiday themed promos,Create discount codes and coupons around key holidays to generate both in-person and online traffic. Everyone loves to celebrate a good deal!

4.    Create a guide to the season.  Generate a style guide & and give your shoppers a sneak preview of your store’s collection.  Everyone loves good inspo – especially when it leads to a sale.  Your clients may even find exactly what they are looking for in your e-mail.

5.    Create a no cost contest.  Customers love contests because it’s a FREE opportunity to win something.  Utilize your social media & e-mail marketing databases and communicate your contest guidelines for both how to enter and winner selection.  Generate a fun hashtag for the event to really engage your followers!

Javier Contreras