A Two Way Street

January 17, 2020

A Two Way Street

Today we celebrate our funding anniversary. It marks the beginning of a mutual understanding that is basic to our industry yet the most important. The start of a relationship built on trust and calculated risk, between a business that believes it will receive the funds it needs to take the next step which can catapult their business to the next level; and a funder that has analyzed their business model and believes it will grow.

Since our inception we knew that this relationship was special and the success or failure of one would affect the other. With that in mind, we gave birth to our Rhino and Oxpecker logo that symbolizes our core values and understanding of the beneficial relationship.

From the moment our Business Advisors make first contact with any business owner we make sure to understand the whole picture; not just what’s on paper but your values, your needs and objectives.
Coincidently, we try to build relationships that reflects our own values, such as resilience, honesty and innovation.

In our journey we have learned that the road doesn’t come fully paved and there might be some rocks and potholes in the way. By internalizing these lessons, we have grown to understand we must also be nimble for situations we did not foresee as well as outstanding and resilient in the service we provide day in and day out.

With our core: Resilience, Honesty, Innovation, Nimble and Outstanding RHINO; we pave this two-way street that will help our clients and partners Charge Their Business Forward.

From all of us at the Idea Financial family, we thank you for being our Oxpeckers as we grow together.

To the Crash: Thank You!

Justin Leto