Always Present

February 27, 2020

Always Present
From the desk of the CEO

As the planet becomes more interconnected, communications are now instantaneous, and many decisions must be made on the spot. This is true on both sides of the financial coin; lenders and clients make decisions that will affect them then and there as well as in the future.

Just like any financial entity, we here at Idea Financial do our best to make sure we are servicing clients who have exceptional products or services, are in good standing with their providers and clients and have a plan to grow. On the other side, clients want to make sure that the valuable information they are providing is secure, that they will receive the funds that they need in time and that they will be serviced in the most professional and friendly manner.

This is why we will always be a click away, a call away and a step away. It is more than just finding a line of credit, term loan or any financial solution. Even though Idea Financial funds nationwide, we are also proud to receive you in our offices. The only thing we ask is that you let us know ahead of time so we can inform one of our, or your personal dedicated business advisor, so he or she can be ready to take the time to discuss anything you need, put a face to the name or simply to say hello.

Needless to say, we are happy to welcome you, and as experienced has taught us; our team is more than happy to see, wear, use and even taste the wonderful products that your business offers.

At the end of the day we are here to stand with you and your business.

Javier Contreras