Crash Chronicles - American Compliance

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October 5, 2020

Crash Chronicles - American Compliance
Customer stories

Robert is the CEO of American Compliance Systems (ACS). When Robert started his business over 25 years ago, he would travel all over the United States training employees of all levels in OSHA, Cybersecurity, and other certifications. Now, with many companies going online, being able to quickly adapt the trainings to an online format was essential to keep his current customers and to expand his base.

When Robert’s largest clients needed move the scheduled trainings online, he did not hesitate and drew $20,000 from his line of credit with Idea Financial. Robert received the money and started developing the online platform within a week of the clients requests.

Now, his clients enjoy the flexibility of being able to train at home and the cost savings related to it. Robert's team can train people in California and New York on the same day and while he gets to enjoy more time at home with his family. The business has grown 5x since he moved it online. What started as an immediate customer issue turned into a scalable opportunity for his business. Learn more about the services ACS has to offer here.

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