Artistic Tile & Stone

April 26, 2020

Artistic Tile & Stone
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Family owned and established in 1982, Artistic Tile & Stone came with the promise of giving the most satisfying tile and stone buying experience; and for 38 years they have done just that. They are distributors, installers and design consultants all under one roof.

#IdeaHelps stands with them as they will form part of many living or working spaces yet to come.

As we spend more and more time in our homes, we can start to view things differently and value our spaces in ways we did not before. Why not bring that newfound sense of self and have it reflected where we live and work.

If you're near San Carlos, California you can contact Artistic Tile and Stone to help you rejuvenate your space and make it what you dreamt it to be.

To learn more about them, their services, their products and the projects you can visit:

You can also call them at: (650) 631 – 8453

Follow them in Instagram: @artistictileandstone

Facebook: Artistic Tile & Stone

Javier Contreras