Beauty Brows

March 24, 2020

Beauty Brows
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Being at the epicenter of it all in the United States is not easy; it comes with both challenges and opportunities. Beauty Brows, is holding still for now as New York progresses to come out of these difficult times.

Having said we at Idea Helps believe in the great opportunity that will present itself to Beauty Brows and other salons in the city once these times pass.

With exceptional and fast pace work ethic, Beauty Brows will do what it does best: making us all look better on the way out, then how we came in.

Make sure to have their number down if you are down and Queens are ready to look your best when we receive the opportunity of giving it our best: (718) 126-1240

There address: 22-42 31st St, Astoria, NY, 11105

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