Charge Forward Together

September 11, 2019

Charge Forward Together

Hurricane Dorian created havoc in its path through the Caribbean and all the way up through the United States and Canadian coast. Idea Financial’s southern neighbors from the Bahamas have faced devastation on a level they have not seen before. Thanks to the proximity to the islands, we are working with part of our team and local organizations to send emergency supplies starting this week.

If you would like to contribute the relief effort, we have created an Amazon list in which you can purchase the items, these would be received at our offices and sent to The Bahamas. The list comes official relief webpage of The Bahamas government:


Please note that all quantities needed in the list start at 100. This does not reflect the need of one over another, this is an arbitrary amount set in order to have all supplies available for purchase.

From all of us at Idea Financial we thank you for any help you can send. We grow stronger when we work together and stand with one another.

Thank you once again.

Javier Contreras