Crash Chronicles - Chrystina

Gaia Waxing Studio moves to a new location

November 6, 2020

Crash Chronicles - Chrystina
Customer stories

Chrystina is the owner of Gaia Waxing Studio. Gaia offers a variety of beauty services locally in Dubuque (IA). They also offer an array of amazing products online for the rest of the country. Even though business was doing great, there were several opportunities to grow.

Gaia was ready to expand to a new location and by doing so they also had an opportunity to bring the manufacturing of the products in house to that location. This new location would offer an elite service that many clients were asking for: Plasma Skin Therapy, but that required new equipment and of course this expansion would also require new therapists to execute the services.

In order to not overextend her cashflow, she decided it was time to supplement and support her business with a term loan. Thanks to the funds provided by Idea Financial, Chrystina was able to take on all her projects and buy a salon in a prime location. The results have been beautiful! Her clients are enthusiastic about the location and the new services available to them. Check out Gaia Waxing Studio here:

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