Crash Chronicles - Romelio

Romelio is preparing his 2021 comeback.

December 17, 2020

Crash Chronicles - Romelio
Customer stories

​Idea Financial initially funded Romelio's business Cool Runnings Air back in January with $50,000. Then the pandemic struck, and Romelio's business was affected as many of his clients are in Miami's hospitality industry. ​

With the change in revenue, Rogelio pivoted to service other industries. Idea Financial worked with Romelio to ensure his financing worked for his business throughout the year. A vaccine is finally here, and the industry is gaining confidence in tourists soon returning to hotels and restaurants. The time has come to be ready to pivot back. ​

With a combined 25 years of experience, Cool Runnings Air is ready to service the hospitality industry once again, and they want their clients and potential clients to know it. With all the purifiers, HEPA filters, and ultraviolet light instruments at hand that the present and future demands, Cool Runnings Air is ready to get the job done. ​

Cool Runnings Air is ready to take the next step and grow in South Florida once again, and so is Idea Financial ready to support them.

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