Crown Dental Care

March 26, 2020

Crown Dental Care
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As businesses have taken measures to protect their employees, their patients and community at large; some have taken a step forward in order to be present in times of great need. A great example comes from Dr. Thy Nguyen’s practice at Crown Dental Care.

The practice has been closed and will remain closed until April. Even though Crown Dental serves Germantown and Rockville, during these times they have decided to reinvent themselves. In order to still be able to assist patients, they will now be offering virtual consultations.

It is the perfect way to stay safe while at the same tending to your dental needs. Its simple and fast.

Please follow them in Instagram at @CrownDentalCareMd and @DrThyNguyen .

You can learn more about the services they offer in their page:

We also invite you to follow the link in their BIO at @CrownDentalCareMd for your virtual consultation.

#IdeaHelps is proud to present this top of the line dental firm that not only has state of the art facilities but has now taken the leap into virtual world consultations.

Javier Contreras