Hiring with a Growth Mindset for Your Business

October 13, 2023

Hiring with a Growth Mindset for Your Business
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Isn’t it delightful to witness your business blossoming and stretching its wings? As your enterprise takes flight, you’ll need to build a team that can sustain its growth. Your company’s hiring practices will ultimately determine the dependability of this team. As small businesses, employees have a more direct impact compared to bigger corporations.

Do you want to hire a person with the potential for management or a person who can do the administrative tasks?

Establishing a hiring strategy can attract diligent and inquisitive individuals who care enthusiastically about your company’s goods and services.

What Kind of Employee Are You Looking For?

Have you determined what kind of employee you’re looking for first? Full-time,part-time, contract, or temporary.? It’s largely based on your budget, where the expenses to hire a new employee include salary and benefits.


If you’re searching for steadfast, long-term employees, it may be worthwhile investing in a full-time hire. On the other hand, if you need more flexibility and a project-based approach, hiring a freelancer might be a better fit.

It Starts With a Job Description

Now that you have figured out what kind of employee you are looking for, it’s time to make the right job description. A vague description won’t bring in any quality candidates as it’ll lack detail. Likewise, an over-the-top description will drive away candidates as well. Because the super awesome, totally fun, and cool workplace feels like superficial fluff.


The goal is to show off your brand while attracting the right candidates. The key is utilizing language. For example, if the job is about facts and figures,then curt and straightforward language will bring in analytical candidates.Similarly, if the job requires more creativity, then a conversational tone will attract the artistry candidates.

The Right job description can bring in the right candidate before the hiring process

Soft Skills Approach

Hard skills are important, but consider the soft skills of a potential hire as well. Interpersonal skills can more easily help employees interact effectively at work with peers and customers. A treasure to be found in new hires for sure.

Hard skills can always be learned, but soft skills are the real gems

Soft skills improve morale and customer relationships, and they’re more difficult to develop than technical skills. Good examples of soft skills are excellent listening skills, critical thinking, leadership, and a strong work ethic – just to name a few popular sought out for skills.


If possible, give them priority depending on the kind of person you want to hire.

Thinking Outside the Box

Regardless of the industry you are in, a growing business needs innovators. They’re the ones who think outside of the box. Creatives can help grow your company in new ways, and aid in helping you grow your leadership skills.


Keep an eye out for individuals who may have skills in digital marketing and customer service.

Share That You're Hiring On Your Network!

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to advertise job vacancies in your company. While you can still use Facebook or Instagram, the latter is more effective in attracting younger candidates. By including the hashtag #hiring in your post, there's a chance that one of your connections may know a suitable candidate for the job!