Snap Pak

March 26, 2020

Snap Pak
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If there was a time for our society to be prepared and sure we had the essentials we needed and had to make each count, it is now. Just like when you see fitness experts and nutritionists online. Now you can make sure your food is safe and always ready! #IdeaHelps presents Snap Pak.

The perfect food storage container for your life! Microwave safe! Freezer safe! Dishwasher safe! Air tight lids! Reusable and recyclable. Snap Pak recyclable food storage containers keep your food fresher with an airtight seal and are specifically designed for microwaving, freezing and are dishwasher safe.

Made in North America, their perfectly fitting LIDS are designed for easy open-close, can store wet or dry foods and are easily stackable for your convenience. Feel The Snap!

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Javier Contreras