You Know Your Business Best

February 11, 2020

You Know Your Business Best

You know you business better than anyone.

Success for any small business comes from understanding its own cashflow and meeting the capital demands to grow.  If you are a business owner, founder, or key executive, you have learned firsthand the obstacles and difficulties that your business encounters every day. Not all businesses are the same and your needs depend on a variety of factors: industry, seasonality, geographic location, products/services, staffing and even hours of operation. Business financing is not a one size fits all situation and Idea Financial recognizes the need to provide options to our customers.


Businesses looking for financing should have choices. Do you have an immediate project which requires cash today?  Do you have receivables that are net 60, 90, or 120 days?  Do you need access to cash depending upon the time of year?  Each answer may carry with it different needs. For that reason, we will now present qualified customers with multiple offers of our products so you can decide which one works best for your business.

Having different offers to choose from gives your business the liberty to develop a strategy that reflects the return on investment you expect. We will simultaneously show you the offers for our Line of Credit and Term loan.

You can review some of the benefits below:

Line of Credit

  • Free and easy application
  • Flexible – Repay early with no penalties
  • True Revolver – Each payment replenishes the available financing
  • Draw any amount within the available funds whenever you want
  • Only pay for the funds drawn
  • Every new draw receives an amortization for the full balance and a new repayment term
  • Access to your account 24/7

Term Loan

  • Free and easy application
  • Multiple terms available and rates
  • Loan amounts between $10k and $250k
  • No origination fee
  • Repay early with a 50% discount on the remaining interest owed
  • Once the loan has been repaid by 50%, you may be eligible for renewals

Apply within minutes, get approved in hours, and access funds within a day. It is important to have a clear plan to grow your business and with these options, you can plan for what you need.

Let’s Charge Your Business Forward

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