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Chrystina Morteo used her line of credit to open a new location.
Dr. Thy Nguyen uses his funds to invest in marketing campaigns.
Mike Marquez used his line to purchase safety equipment.
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Business funding up to $275,000

Idea Financial can work with you to get the right credit option to fund your business.

Take control of your working capital

Expand your business, open new locations

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We offer business loans & lines of credit

Idea Financial offers a variety of options for businesses looking for funding. This includes low APR business loans and lines of credit. Fill out our application or contact our business advisors to see how we can help your company succeed.

Up to $275,000 in financing

Loans & lines of credit available

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What types of business funding are available?

Idea Financial offers two types of business financing. The first is a small business loan. This is a loan for a set amount of time with a static APR. Businesses can use these loans for most company-related expenses and pay the loan back in regular installments.

The second option we offer at Idea Financial is a line of credit. This is a set amount of money that can be accessed on-demand via our online business portal. You can take what you need when you need it and you only pay interest on what you use. Plus, each time you withdraw funds it restarts your repayment period.

With these two options, you can streamline your business's cash flow and afford to invest in your company while still managing your monthly expenses.

Do I qualify?

To qualify for one of your funding options, you must meet our 4 eligibility requirements. If you are able to do this, we can consider your application.
  • First, your business must have been running for at least 2 years. This provides us with enough financial history to understand your ability to pay back anything you borrow. It also shows your business is stable. This is important as it helps build our confidence in you as a borrower.
  • Second, your business must not be a sole proprietorship or non-profit. We do not currently provide financing for these business types.
  • Third, you must earn at least $15,000 in monthly revenue. This shows us that you have a steady cash flow and proves that you should be able to afford your regular repayment schedule.
  • Fourth, you must have a personal credit score of at least 650. This helps us assess your ability to repay any finance and gives us an indication of your creditworthiness.

If you meet all of these criteria, we will be happy to consider you for a business loan or line of credit. We pride ourselves on our inclusive lending and offer business loans for minorities, women and businesses of all types. Simply fill out our application.

How do I apply?

To apply, just click the green apply now button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. This will take you to our short online application form.

The form has 3 parts, and the first is business information. This is where we get to know some basics about your company, like where it is located and your average monthly sales.

The next step is the owner information. We use this section to collect some details about you. This helps us understand who we are lending to.

Finally, we have the financial review. We need some information on your revenue to help us determine what types of financing we are able to offer.

All 3 steps should only take a few minutes, and if you have any questions, you can contact our business advisors.

What can I use the funding for?

Our funding options can be used to expand your business, buy new equipment, and open new facilities, as well as most other business expenses. They are a great tool to help you smooth out cash flow or quickly adapt to a changing business environment.

We want to provide flexible business funding that allows you to do what is right for your company. That is why we put as few restrictions on our loans as possible. This gives our customers the ability to grow on their terms.

If you have specific questions on how our financing can be used, contact us today, and we will answer any and all your questions.

How long will I wait for funds?

Once you have finished your application, our experts will review your information. If you meet our criteria, we will let you know you have been approved within minutes.

Payment can be the same day or within a couple of business days depending on the speed of your bank.

If there are no questions about your application, we can quickly approve and fund your loan.

Fill out an application now to see how much funding your business may be eligible to receive.

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