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It's risk free and doesn't affect your credit score

A business line of credit gives you more borrowing power

Refinance existing loans

Refinance existing loans

Cover cash flow gaps

Cover cash flow gaps

Grow your business

Grow your business

Some lenders are not renewing existing loans and have shut down access to lines of credit. If the financing you received is no longer available, we would love to help you out. Refinance your loan with the Idea Financial Line of Credit and get more borrowing power.


The right business financing solution for your business

The Idea Financial Line of Credit is the most flexible way to fund your business today. With Idea Financial, your funds are available on demand straight from our online portal. You can withdraw funds at any time to hire new personnel, expand your business, or simply take advantage of growth opportunities.

Draw funds at any time

No origination fees or pre-payment penalties

Replenish available credit after every payment

Quick application, same-day approval

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Fund your business

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To get a financing offer today, we'll need the following info in your application:

Basic details about your business such as time in business, entity type, address and revenue figures
Business owner information including contact info, date of birth, and SSN
A secure connection to your business bank account or bank statements for the most recent 6 months

Apply online or call us at:

1 (855) 939-4445
It's risk free and doesn't affect your credit score

How we compare against other lenders

No origination or annual fee

Doesn't affect your personal credit

Paperless application

Quick approval and funding

Build business credit

Dedicated business advisor

Idea Financial

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We fund businesses that have:

2 or more years in business

$15,000 or more in monthly revenue

650 or higher personal credit score

Not a sole proprietorship or non-profit entity

Apply online or call us at:

1 (855) 939-4445
It's risk free and doesn't affect your credit score

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Frequently asked questions

We're a team of experienced business advisors and financial services professionals who understand the challenges of running a business. We came together to create funding solutions tailored to you that empower you and your business.

What information do you need from me to apply?

Idea Financial offers a quick and efficient paperless application process broken down into three steps.

  1. First we will ask for basic details about your business such as time in business, entity type and revenue figures
  2. Next we will ask for business owner information including ownership structure and SSN.
  3. Last, we will ask for a secure connection to your business bank account or for bank statements for the most recent 6 months.

You can start your risk-free application here. Applying does not affect your credit score.

We use advanced encryption to keep your information safe in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Is there a cost to apply for financing from Idea Financial?

There is no cost to apply for financing from Idea Financial. Our application is risk free, has no costs, and doesn't affect your personal credit score.

How soon can I get a decision from Idea Financial?

Idea Financial can provide a decision in minutes if we have all the necessary information and you link your bank account. Funding can become available within a business day.

Will Idea Financial pull my personal credit report?

We will conduct a "soft pull" or "soft inquiry", which means that your credit score WILL NOT be affected.

What is a business line of credit?

A business line of credit is a flexible funding solution that allows business owners to withdraw funds up to a certain credit limit and pay interest only on the funds withdrawn. Every time you draw funds, your balance owed increases. Every time you make a payment, your balance owed decreases and you're able to withdraw more funds. With a line of credit you can draw and repay funds as you wish as long as the balance outstanding doesn't go over your credit limit.

What makes the Idea Financial Line of Credit special?

Our line of credit is a truly revolving, unsecured credit line with no annual fees and no repayment penalties. This means that you can withdraw funds and make payments as needed with interest accruing daily on any outstanding balance. Payments are due weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and are setup so that you repay the amount owed over long repayment terms, which makes your payment amount low. Every time you make a draw, your repayment period starts all over again, giving you the ability to see even lower payments.

How do I draw funds?

You will be able to draw funds by logging into your Idea Financial account online and submitting a draw request. You can also call your Business Advisor.

What if I don't need funds right away?

Even if you don’t need financing today, securing your line of credit ensures that funds will be available to you when the need arises. Unlike a term loan that requires you to start paying on the full amount immediately, the Idea Financial Line of Credit enables you to draw funds as needed, only paying for the funds used.

Are there costs associated with closing my Idea Financial account?

No. As long as your outstanding balance is zero (0), you can close your account at any time and at no cost.

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