Valuable Lessons to Learn from Interviewing Others

October 19, 2023

Valuable Lessons to Learn from Interviewing Others
Company culture

Job interviews serve as a platform to learn about a potential hire’s skills, but they also present valuable opportunities for growth. Engaging in conversations with people from various backgrounds can broaden one’s mind to different perspectives. After conducting numerous interviews, it’s possible to gain valuable insights.

Human Connection

Many interviewees tend to get nervous and therefore try to act flawlessly. However, at times they try too hard, and we prefer not to work with robots. Ironically, the act of trying to appear perfect appears counterintuitive, as it makes it hard to reveal their actual character or personality quirks.

With so many robotic-like interviews, it can become quite telling to sniff out when someone is embellishing their qualities. The robotic appearance just tries harder to appear perfect.

The more impactful candidates most likely allowed themselves to be authentic and communicate naturally without awkwardly rehearsed answers.

Professionalism is essential, yes. But this doesn’t mean having to behave like a machine. Candidates who act a bit more comfortably, while remaining professional, are people you can rely on to feel at ease in the workplace. It’s also valuable for interpersonal and social skills.

A Perspective Change

Changing what you’re searching for in a candidate is normal during interviews. You may go in wanting one thing and then it’ll change into something else instead. For example, what if you only wanted to fill the role quickly and find the candidate with the appropriate administrative skills? Then you realize you would have preferred someone with more customer service skills instead. Thus, interview tactics need to be changed.

The kind of questions you ask matter, and without the right questions, you won’t get the answers you need.

Sometimes it’s better to focus on what you’re NOT looking for instead of what you are looking for.  Interviewing teaches how to be firmer in what you want as a company owner. If you want to focus more on how to interview from a business growth perspective, try giving this article a read “Hiring for Business Growth.”


The ability to work collaboratively with others is crucial in any workplace setting. Being able to build relationships and communicate openly is essential for success. This skill enhances efficiency, and effectiveness, and overall fosters a positive work culture.


If you hire a candidate solely based on their technical abilities without considering their compatibility with others, it can lead to conflict. Sure, the job is done. But other employees, and perhaps yourself, feel like they’re on eggshells with somebody who isn’t good at opening or talking with others.


Candidates who excel in interpersonal relations contribute to a harmonious workplace. Their ability to collaborate with others and maintain a steady workplace is an indicator of their potential success inworking on projects and within teams.