Managing Client Relationships Without Losing Your Mind

How to manage client relationships without losing your mind in 5 easy steps

Ever struggle managing client relationships?

You’re not alone!

The good news is that there are simple, actionable tips to help you keep your small business clients happy—without losing your mind.

1.     Respect time

Time is important—whether it is yours or that of your client.

Use it wisely.

If you need to set up a meeting, for example, be well prepared. If possible, share your needs and goals for the meeting ahead of time with the client so they, too, can be ready. Once the meeting is finished, send over a recap and a list of deliverables to ensure that everyone is on the same page, work is not duplicated, and roles are clearly delineated.

It’s a win-win: Clarity of intent and purpose can free up time for more productive ends on all sides.

2.     Choose the right channel

Zoom. Cell. Email. In person.

Today businesses have a wider menu of communication options to choose from than ever before.

But which to utilize?

If you just need to confirm a few things or ask a simple question, email is probably fine. However, if something has gone wrong or you need to communicate a very clear message, a call may be more appropriate. If you need to explain complicated ideas or designs, face to face may be the best approach.

The right channel is particularly important when you are making a first impression and it is doubly important to avoid misunderstandings.

3.     Under-promise and over-deliver

This is an old saying but it is as true as it has ever been. By following this rule, you can make sure that your client is happy and you look stellar.

And if something goes wrong?

Well, at least you have not overextended yourself and can address it.

4.     Repair relationships

This is not complicated thing but sometimes egos get in the way. If you miss an appointment or forget to return an email, apologize and make things right. This is also a trait of a good manager. If a situation is tense between you and a client, be warm and show that you are still human. It can be tough but the last thing you need is to for a bad situation to become worse.

By showing kindness when things are less than perfect, you can build rapport, prevent future issues, and make everyone more comfortable going forward.

5.     Set goals everyone agrees on

Early on in your relationship, you should work with your client to come up with a single set of mutually agreed upon goals that you are both excited to tackle. This allows you to quickly gain momentum, accurately measure success, and prevent misunderstandings.

Though building credibility and trust takes time, it is absolutely possible to get there even with the most skeptical clients if you keep your promises and work hard on shared goals. Make consistency an integral part of your everyday efforts.


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